Every last one Route 1 rural heart's got a story to tell.

Mary, Star of the Sea, pray for us!

  • I would have so much game if I were a boy

  • cosmotographer:

    F22 refueling on its way to Syria

    (via ptsd-is-a-bitch)

  • And sometimes you close your eyes and see the place where you used to live when you were young

  • catholicsoul:

    When we remember that Jesus Christ, true God, has loved us to such an excess as to suffer death, and the death of the cross, for us, our hearts are, as it were, put in a wine-press, and suffer violence, until love be extorted from them, but a violence which, the stronger it is, becomes the more delightful. 

    Ah ! why do we not therefore cast ourselves on Jesus crucified, to die on the cross with him, who has chosen to die for love of us ? I will hold him (should we say), and I will never let him go; I will die with him, and will be consumed in the flames of his love. One flame shall consume this divine Creator and his miserable creature. My Jesus gives himself unreservedly to me, and I give myself unreservedly to him.

    I will live and die on his loving breast; neither life nor death shall ever separate me from him. O eternal love, my soul longs after Thee, and makes choice of Thee forever. 

    Come, O Holy Spirit, and inflame our hearts with love. 

    O love, O death, to die to all other loves, to live solely to that of Jesus Christ!

    O Redeemer of our souls, grant that we may eternally sing, Live, Jesus !

    I love Jesus; live, Jesus, whom I love ! yes, I love Jesus, who reigns for evermore.

    St. Francis de Sales

  • Now I know Admiral helo pilots on a first name basis.

  • allaboutmary:

    An Italian lithograph of the Immaculate Conception by Murillo.

    Mary surrounded by little flying babies. I absolutely love it.

  • thisgirlsnavy:


    Since gaining our independence, our fledgling nation has persevered through 239 years of struggle and triumph.

    And now on the birthday of America’s Navy, we celebrate its rise from humble beginnings to the most formidable blue-water Navy on the planet.

    Give a big HOOYAH and help us celebrate 239 years of being 100% on Watch!

    Happy Birthday, Sexy! You don’t look a day over 18-22!

  • Say my name like a Scripture, keep my heart beating like a drum