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I am broken and ashamed. I have done what is despicable in your sight, Lord. How can I be rescued?

Summer Cruise 2014 - Norfolk

Lord, give me strength. You are my wings and my prayer.

Cruise Day 27

Today was my last flight with HSC-2.  It was an instrument flight for two of the instructor pilots and then we hot-seated back at the sea wall for a familiarization flight.  LCDR Minihan, Will, Jon, and myself took off for the same air field that I first flew to a couple weeks ago.  I was nervous to fly that pattern again because I didn’t feel like I did a good job last time (I had no idea how to use the trim switches).  But after the simulators we’ve been visiting every few days, I was able to confidently take the controls, hover, fly a pattern, do several turns, and fly us back home.  

My experience in Norfolk was exactly what I needed, exactly when I needed it.  I’ve met so many wonderful people during my time here and will return to Maryland with a long list of new friends.  Thanks be to God for bringing me here and providing for me.  I’ve also learned that flight helmets squeeze the sides of my face together and are sort of like push-up bras for my cheeks, since I have such huge cheeks.  In all of the pictures of me wearing a helmet, I look like a super happy chipmunk!   


Vietnam War zippo lighters.

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"Why is it that military females are so attractive, while all of the men are just so-so?" 

- old man volunteering at the Norfolk airport USO

Ain’t nobody got a best friend like the one I got.